Why You Should Use the Pomodoro Method

Are you a college student or employee? Are you someone who wants a creative studying technique? Or are you looking to improve your old study habits? The Pomodoro method is one of the most famous techniques. Known for keeping others on track, this method will have you completing a task in no time. What is […]

How To Have The Best Picnic Ever

We understand that everyday may feel like a repeat – especially during COVID. Afterall, there’s not much to do when restaurants no longer offer outdoor-dining, our favorite places are closed, and baking is not as enjoyable as it used to be. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t creative ways to have fun. Here’s how […]

The Guide To Valentine’s Day Makeup

Do you ever feel lost when designing your makeup looks? Do you feel like there is more pressure to post cute couple photos on Valentine’s Day? Are you worried that your makeup might be too “bland” for the holiday? As MDSUN understands that this holiday can feel overwhelming with gift-giving, no one seems to talk […]

Valentine’s Day Treats You Need To Try

If you and your significant other have a sweet tooth, then you’re both in for a treat! While there’s nothing wrong with the classic Valentine’s Day chocolates, it can be fun to spice things up with other romantic goodies. That’s why MDSUN introduces you to: Valentine’s Day treats you need to try! Cupcakes There’s nothing […]

Valentine’s Date Ideas 2021 Edition

Do you want to treat your significant other out but don’t know how? Do you feel like the COVID restrictions can be very limiting? Do you just not know where to start? As Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, you may feel stuck on fun date ideas. Fortunately, MDSUN can find the most efficient and COVID-friendly […]