Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Significant Other

Finding the perfect gift for anyone can be hard – you may want something sentimental, efficient, and easy. Or you’re someone who believes that gift-giving is their love language. Either way, during this time of year, this added pressure to find the ideal gift can be extremely stressful. That’s why MDSUN created a guide to […]

Self-Help Books You Need For 2021

Sometimes there are days where you want to take a break from your goals or just have personal time alone. You may feel overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious from everything going on. This may have to do with the recent COVID surge in Los Angeles County, or not being able to visit your friends and family […]

Healthy 2021 Habits To Adopt

As every new year starts with an abundance of resolutions, it can sometimes be hard to keep up your motivation. By week four or five, you may give up your diet and fall back to eating take-out every day. Or maybe reading three books a week isn’t something that you like doing anymore. Either way, […]

What is Y2k?

If you go on sites like Depop or Youtube, it is no surprise that you’ll be able to find the hashtag #Y2kfashion. Under this hashtag, you’ll find thousands of people displaying bright colorful outfits categorized under the 2000s style. This recent trend has been extremely popular, and shows off outfits like Juicy Couture jumpsuits. Before […]