Covid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Events

As we pack away our Christmas cookies and hot chocolate, it is time to open a bottle of champagne and say hello to the year of 2021. Although 2020 has not been an ideal year, it has taught us valuable lessons of understanding the little moments in life. We urge you to while still have […]

What You Need To Know About The Latest 2020 Trend

With 2020 starting off in sweater vests all the way to curtain bangs – the latest 2020 trend seems to be boiled down to one singular color: brown. This underrated color has been seen in puffer jackets, jeans, to colorful sweatshirt designs. However, when asked why/how this color trend became so popular, MDSUN boils down […]

Your 2020 Christmas Movie Marathon

Christmas season is known for gingerbread house competitions, endless Christmas songs, and baking holiday goods. However, there’s nothing better than getting some hot cocoa and watching your favorite movies with you and your loved ones. Whether that be virtual or in person, you can always have a great time by sharing your laughs and giggles […]

How To Have An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

As the winter season is known for stuffing yourself with oversized hoodies and jackets, there seems to be a new trend approaching: Ugly Christmas Sweaters. What Are Ugly Christmas Sweaters? Christmas sweaters have always been around – but ugly Christmas sweaters definitely are a game changer. “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” started simply as a trend where […]

Christmas Events You Can’t Miss Out On

Although Christmas won’t be the same as last year, that doesn’t mean that you won’t still be able to have fun. There are an abundance of Christmas events that you can participate in, while still being COVID- friendly. MDSUN proudly presents, “Christmas Events You Can’t Miss Out On”. Gingerbread Decorating If you and your family […]

The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Her

As Christmas shopping can be very stressful, it can be even more hectic if you don’t know what to buy. Gift-giving is a sign of affection, and whether it be sentimental or expensive, giving presents to your significant other is extremely important. So here are a couple of ideas that will help you decide the […]

How To Create The Perfect Christmas Playlist

Celebrating the holidays may be fun, but nothing beats the holiday spirit than listening to your favorite artists. Mirah Caray, Ariana Grande, and even Justin Bieber – are just a few Christmas artists that you can listen to. As Christmas is approaching, you may want to go to Spotify, and find the artists that you’ll […]

How To Decorate Your Room For Christmas

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the year where we get to come together and celebrate. It reminds us to get gifts, Christmas trees, and cookies for one another. Besides being one of the most amazing holidays, this celebration comes with many preparations. MDSUN offers how you can decorate your room to get […]