What is a “Bruh Girl”?

In a recent MDSUN blog post, discussing the “Vogue Fashion Trend”, Tik Tok has recently resurfaced with the next biggest trend: the “bruh girl” vs the “girly-girl”. Although this trend first started off as something comical, it soon became the most talked about on the app. Influencers would post a side-by-side video of them acting […]

Five Healthy Habits During Quarantine

As countries around the world have been affected by COVID-19, it can be difficult to stay optimistic and mindful during this time. It may be tempting to go outside in a large social gathering or to not take extra precautions at a beach. However, by taking these extra safety measures, can actually prevent further increases […]

Why Vision Boards Are Essential

Motivation, especially when keeping a healthy and balanced lifestyle, can be difficult during the quarantine. Our sleep schedules are always changing, we spend countless days binge-watching Netflix and Hulu, and we may have ordered too many times for fast food. Although it is good to treat ourselves once with fast food and addictive shows, quarantine […]

What Are Serums and Why Are They Important?

Ranging from the 12-Step Korean Skincare routine to 7 Skin Method, serums are an everyday essential to achieve lasting, glowy skin.   What is a Serum? While cleansers’ main role is to get rid of dirt and impurities from your skin, serums are targeted to fight against main skin concerns. This can range from improving […]

Summer Colors You Need To Wear

Being that Fourth of July was just a few days ago, online shops and stores were throwing out discounts and sales everywhere. This could be ranging from Adidas, which sells sportswear equipment and shoes, to Anthropologie, whose store is filled with bohemian dresses. Instead of wearing the classic blue, white, and red on the Fourth […]

Music Artists That You Need To Listen To

Whether in the car with your best friends, or singing in the shower, music is something that can be heard anytime and anywhere. While it may be boring to hear the same music every day, here are some fun, sad, or inspirational artists that you’re missing out on.   Cuco, or Omar Banos, is a […]

Brawl Stars: What is It and Why is it So Fun?

Brawl Stars, an action-packing game with adorable characters, seems to be one of the most popular games rated in the App Store and Google Play. Created in 2017, Brawl Stars has thirty-seven “brawlers” (characters), over six events to play with, and unlimited customizations available for any user. This mobile game recently became the center of […]

Why Working-Out Is Essential During Quarantine

As COVID cases increase in the U.S, it is especially crucial during this time to be aware of your physical health. Whether that be eating healthy, facetiming your friends, or reading a book at home – these are all key steps in achieving a more balanced mind and body. In addition, exercising has also been […]

How Tie-Dye Has Dominated Summer 2020

Looking back on nostalgic summers filled with watching Disney shows, throwing pool parties, and creating tie-dye outfits, it seems as though these small events were nothing more than simple summer experiences. Who knew that one of these would later become the next fashion statement? Tie-dye. This trend first became noticed around late April, where celebrities […]

How Retail Brands Are Changing the Perception of Masks

The pandemic has affected millions of lives worldwide and every day seems to be a reminder of how a few months ago, everything was different. Before, you could walk into your favorite restaurant and place a delicious order of sushi. Now, people are hesitant to walk into a restaurant without disinfecting the food, restaurant owners […]